Why Choose Us?

why us

Passion & Innovation

As a collective we love what we do. We love the Internet and the ever changing possibilities it brings us, the speed in which it evolves and the power it gives to communicate and inspire connectivity. And because we love what we do, our fingers are collectively and constantly on the pulse of digital evolution - collaboratively we have the ability to pool this knowledge and to innovate; we follow, then we lead.

This genuine passion for creativity, innovation and quality, combined with our unique approach, makes us not just a reliable, friendly and expert extension to your team, but a lot of fun to work with.

why us

Value for Money

Because we're an organisation of freelancers we all work from our own locations using our own technologies, utilising the Internet to collaborate and communicate. As a result we have a fraction of the overheads of a traditional digital agency.

These savings come direct to you, meaning we can offer an exemplary service at a daily rate on average 30% lower than that of any traditional digital agency.

why us

One Point of Contact

All projects, campaigns and ongoing services are managed by Paul Allen, director of The Digital Collaborative and experienced project manager and digital strategist. Paul will be your one point of contact throughout your time with us; he will work with you to clarify your strategy, and will source and manage team/s for delivery according to your needs, subsequently planning, resourcing, trafficking and managing work whilst keeping you consistently up to date and ensuring communications interfaces are open and clear.

This ensures clarity and a solid strategy from the start, giving you one director level point of contact whilst allowing each team member to focus on their particular skills, ensuring your project or campaign is delivered smoothly, to the very highest standards and in the most cost effective way possible.

why us

Structure & Safety

Extensive experience and knowledge in PRINCE2 and Agile project management methodologies, and in working to ISO 9001 accredited standards, have informed a uniquely solid, structured and proven set of delivery processes that are also lean, fluid and flexible - able to be tweaked and tailored to suit the type and nature of any project.

Specific tools have been carefully chosen to allow for uniform delivery, safe control of work, and appropriate control of ownership - all work created, from documentation to code, is considered to be owned by you, the client, and is readily accessible to you via an online repository from the very start.

This means that not only can you be confident that your projects are going to be managed with clarity, control and flexibility, but the work you're paying for is accessible and retrievable to you at any time.

why us

Quality Assurance

We take great pride in our work and guarantee unrivalled standards in everything we do. Quality is of utmost importance to The Digital Collaborative and nothing we do leaves our doors before being rigorously tested, scrutinised and assured.

You can rest assured therefore that the work you're paying for will be of the highest quality and standard.

why us

Team Spirit

Our clients appreciate the way we integrate with their organisations to make our online expertise function as a seamless extension of their own skills and experience.

We deliver the skills that you are unable to source internally, and pride ourselves on the knowledge transfer we give, growing our client's understanding of the medium during your work with us. There is no agency/client divide, but rather one project team.

If you have digital marketing, branding, web or mobile development requirements, why not email us today.