Website Design & Development

web design & development development

The need for an effective web presence has become as vital a requirement for today's business as the need for a telephone a century ago.

From simple beginnings websites have become much more than a window to your organisation - today they are tools that not only sell your business but enhance and empower it in many different ways.

With our unique collaborative process we take website and web application design and development services to a level that allows us to innovate - with creative thinking and quality of delivery at it's heart. We pride ourselves on our abilities to create intuitively structured, beautifully designed and solidly coded websites and web applications for our clients and their audiences.

From brochureware websites to e-commerce solutions and management information systems, The Digital Collaborative's unique flexibility, collective years of experience and access to every web based skill-set ensures we can help.

The Collaborative Process

Our website design and build projects follow a particular process which the team chosen for your project are involved in right from the start:


A solid and well considered strategy built around your business goals and customer needs is essential to the success of your web presence. From the start we'll work with you to identify your objectives and define your digital vision, developing a thorough understanding of your business whilst creating the right foundations for your brand to grow in the digital environment.

Competitor Analysis

Once we know your business, we'll get to know your competitors. We want you to excel when being compared to your peers within your market. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your key competitors, therefore, can give us key insights into your industry; what have they done well, what can we exceed and improve on, and importantly what are their weaknesses, what can we know to avoid?

User Research

Your customers are as important to us as your business; understanding their wants and needs is an integral part of everything we do. From initial insights through previously collated data and existing site analytics, to online surveys, one-to-one interviews and usability testing, we can get to know your customers in the most cost effective way for you.

From the data and insights we gather, we'll consolidate our learning into a number of personas; simple profiles that represent your customers and summarise their online behaviour and needs.

Content Analysis & Creation

'Content is king' is an old, bold but accurate statement when it comes to any web presence. From an abstract visual interactive experience to a text rich website content, and importantly it's context, is elemental to meaningful communication.

With the previous insights on board we can identify the content your digital audience needs to interact with, and help you create and organise it.

Technical Analysis

In line with the above we will identify your primary technical requirements, including the most appropriate platform and content management system on which to build your website, the best integration methods (if integrating with 3rd party systems) and the best hosting environment.

Information Architecture (IA)

Before any visual design commences we will work with you to produce detailed site maps and user flows that not only identify all the sections and sub-sections of your new site structure, but also the categorisation and labelling of these sections, with search engine optimisation and conversion analysis consistently considered against the multiple potential routes into and through your website.

Interface Design

With the content structure defined we can move onto the interface - page wireframes are developed for all pages of your site to illustrate the different elements on a page, how they will relate to each other, and how they will be prioritised in terms of their size and position.

Wireframes are blueprints (or schematics) of page designs that contain all the major elements of a real page, without any graphic design, working in much the same way that architectural blueprints define a building's structure.

Visual Design

With the key wireframes agreed, visual design can commence and these two elements continue simultaneously. From the core conceptual visual layer to the creation of individual graphic elements, we'll work with you to insure your site demands your customers attention and works hard for your brand.


Following approval of key visuals we can begin creating the page templates, coding functionality and laying robust technical foundations for your website.

With access to a multitude of technological skill-sets all code created by The Digital Collaborative is written using industry best practices, utilising modern and industry leading coding methodologies.

The code we create is considered to be owned by you, the client. We use a carefully chosen web based source control management tool, accessible to both the collaborative and the client, with you as the primary owner. Of course we will look after this codebase for as long as you desire, but when push comes to shove you can rest assured that your website, and all the code and files that make it up, are ultimately yours and available to you at any time.

Analytics Integration

During the design phase we'll have decided on the most valuable tracking goals and the most appropriate tracking solution with which to integrate; Google Analytics will be recommended as standard, is free of charge and very easy to use, however we will be happy to work with any other tracking software.


The Digital Collaborative has the highest of standards with quality of utmost importance and guaranteed throughout all we do. Thorough testing is an integral part of the development process and will ensure browser and platform compatibility, W3C2A compliance in terms of accessibility, as well as ensuring your site meets your standards as well as our own with user acceptance testing (UAT) a fundamental part of this process.


The Digital Collaborative have worked with a multitude of hosting providers and will be as happy to work with your own as to recommend a suitable provider. With your provider chosen and your live environment configured, we'll work with them to ensure a smooth transition to your live server.

Post Launch Support

Following the launch of your new website a warranty period will commence giving you the piece of mind that, for the key period following launch, we'll respond to any unforeseen issues that arise in a guaranteed time.

Following this period we can offer number of ongoing support packages to suite all our clients, from out-of-office on-standby support for e-commerce solutions, to the simple fact that we're never more than a phone call away.

Evaluation & Analysis

With your new website up and running, we'll closely assess performance to ensure it's meeting those all important objectives.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

From a time when most content management systems were entirely bespoke, to today's affluence of off-the-shelf solutions, there is a rich variation of content management systems from which to choose.

The Digital Collaborative has extensive experience in working with all industry leading systems; from EPiServer, Expression Engine, Umbraco and Drupal to Wordpress, Magento (e-commerce) and more, we have the skills and capabilities to get the most from it.

We'll work with you to understand your content management requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs.

If you would like to discuss your content management needs at no obligation, give Paul Allen a call today on 07720 314005, or email

E-commerce Development

Around a decade ago entering card details into a website was seen as risky business! Needless to say shopping online has now become a part of normal daily life, both from a desktop PC and on the go with smart phones and tablets.

The United Kingdom is currently reported to have the biggest e-commerce market in the world, and is anticipated to grow by 10 - 15% over the next 5 years. However emerging global economies combined with the lack of boundaries inherent to the Internet mean a truly global playing field and international sales potential can be considered for any e-commerce strategy.

The Digital Collaborative have experience not only in the design and build of intuitive, conversion-hot, robust and fully supported e-commerce solutions, but in driving buyers to these solutions with a clear and effective online marketing & relations strategy.

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Systems Integration and Application Development

Whether you have a non-web-enabled management information system (MIS) with which your website needs to integrate, the requirement for integration with a payment provider, address finder, SMS gateway or aggregate, or simply require your site to integrate with the social space via one of the many APIs on offer around the web, we will work with you and your internal IT team to guide you through your requirements and ensure your customers interact seamlessly via the most appropriate technologies.

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Intranets & Extranets

Intranets & extranets are a great way to not only allow your workforce, or your trade customers, to access important company information, but also to interact and share knowledge with one another in a secure and remote environment.

The Digital Collaborative considers the requirements of all website users with the same amount of respect and care, including those of your staff or your trade customers. We can then work with you to prioritise those requirements and solve user problems with practical solutions that generate measurable efficiencies.

If you would like to discuss your intranet or extranet needs at no obligation, give Paul Allen a call today on 07720 314005, or email