Online Marketing & Relations

online marketing

There are many ways in which to engage your audience online, all of which require tactical thought when considering your business's integrated marketing communications objectives.

Our approach to online marketing & relations involves generating, directing and maintaining the most relevant traffic at the least possible cost to you, ensuring your visitor positive and rewarding experiences that result in a maximum conversion ratio, and subsequently a maximum return on your investment.


A tactical online marketing strategy with clear and measurable objectives is an essential part of any business's marketing activity, as is maximising spend, results and subsequent return on investment.

We will help you establish your objectives and identify the most appropriate online areas in which to invest to achieve your aims. And importantly we'll make sure they work integrally within your business's wider marketing plans.

Search Engine Marketing

On-and-off page search engine optimisation (SEO) combined with cost effective pay-per-click advertising (PPC) should be as natural a consideration of your web presence as the technology on which it's created.

We create both organic and paid search programs that are as intuitive to your users as they are measurable. From keyword and search term research and selection, to content and link strategies, we'll ensure maximum interest to conversion ratios whilst increasing brand awareness.

Interactive Advertising

Our collaborative process lends itself naturally to understanding what makes your target audience tick. Combined with innovative creativity we develop interactive online advertising designed to grab your target audience's attention and encourage reaction, engaging your market to deliver their response direct to to your bottom line.

Media Planning & Buying

With your target audience defined and understood we'll ensure clear and effective communication is delivered to the right people at the right time from the right place. Ongoing and rigorous performance analysis allows us to closely track response and behaviour to make sure you're consistently getting the very best results.

Email Marketing & eCRM

Direct contact with your customers, done responsibly and strategically, can achieve powerful results. Intelligent segmentation, a clear communication and distribution plan combined with outstanding creative and proven technology, ensures The Digital Collaborative deliver the most effective email marketing campaigns, allowing your customers or prospects to keep fully informed of your latest products, services or news.

Social Media

Social Media brings unique opportunities to interact with, and importantly form relationships with, your customers. But perhaps more than any other channel Social Media relies on trust.

A Social Media strategy therefore needs to run right from the heart of your brand and organisation - such a powerful tool requires careful representation and commitment, to ensure the right kind of community can be generated around your brand, and conversation between your customers.

The Digital Collaborative will work with you to create a social media strategy that's right for you, and then implement it effectively, ensuring your brand is contunually finding and forming relationships with new and existing customers.


Everything we do is consistently dissected and analysed - meaning not only are we able to test, learn and enhance performance appropriately, but you'll know exactly what happened, what's happening, and why.

If you have digital marketing, branding, web or mobile development requirements, why not email us today.