Mobile & App Development

mobile and app development

'On the go' is quickly becoming the most common way of consuming the Internet and digital media. Thanks to the ongoing evolution of mobile technology new opportunities to interact with your market are appearing on a daily basis.

These are exciting times in the potentials of mobile Internet technology; with our collective fingers consistently on the pulse The Digital Collaborative are exploring new ideas as they happen.

Mobile Website Design & Development

Although a website that is well designed and developed for the desktop browser will stand on any modern mobile device, creating a mobile specific version of your website can be an important consideration in meeting the primary needs of mobile users. Invariably a mobile user will require access to information in a way that is natural to the device they are using, and optimised for digestion of that information on a small screen and over a 3G network.

Whatever your mobile website design requirements we'll work with you to create a rewarding experience for your mobile audience that satisfies your business goals.

iPhone & iPad Development

These gesture driven mobile devices have opened doors to a new world in interactivity, engagement and potential with your customers.

We'll work with you from concept to completion to ensure your application satisfies your business objectives and supports your brand. Once your app is designed and developed, we'll manage the deployment process with Apple to ensure a smooth publication to the App store.

Cross platform development

Despite domination of the App market by iPhone and iPad, there are a number of other platforms quickly gathering market share including Android and Blackberry. We'll work with you to recommend the right platforms and solution for your business and your audience.

Our process for the design and build of mobile solutions follows a very similar path to that of web development projects. Go over to our web development section to read more about our collaborative process.

If you have digital marketing, branding, web or mobile development requirements, why not email us today.