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Trade Marketing Website for Stateside Foods

Stateside Foods - Website Screenshots

The Digital Collaborative has designed and built a new trade marketing website for Stateside Foods, a world leader in pizza production and development.

Aiming to reflect the scale and position of the company, whilst conveying the personality of the business and it's employees, the new site was required to provide Stateside Foods with a personable yet professional website that affirms their position not only as the market leaders in pizza production and development, but also as a friendly, progressive and supportive workplace.

As well as designing and developing the website, integrating with an easy to use Wordpress content management system, The Digital Collaborative also generated the photographic imagery used across the site - several photo-shoots were carried out in which the Stateside premises and their staff were photographed both in action and in portrait, creating imagery that conveys the vibrancy and positivity of the company to three key audiences: existing clients, the food industry and job seekers.

Very pleased with the final result, Glenn Heron, IT Director at Stateside Foods, said:

“We have been delighted with The Digital Collaborative throughout the project. At the beginning we were unclear as to exactly what we wanted, but The Digital Collaborative were very strong at showing us concepts for how to get our message across. The project management was excellent and the resulting website has been very well received.”

The website reinforces The Digital Collaborative's expertise in simple but effective website design and development, and underlines the importance of effective positioning when it comes to representing an organisation online.

Following initial launch of the website, The Digital Collaborative will be providing an online application process for jobseekers to apply for vacancies online, as well as an application management system for Stateside Food's HR Department to manage them.

Services provided to Stateside Foods include:

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