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GatorDuct Website - Screenshots

The Digital Collaborative are pleased to announce the design and development of a new brand, video and website for GatorDuct, a revolutionary new product in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry: www.gatorduct.com

Aimed at architects, building contractors and building consultants operating on both a national and international level, the new brand, video and website was developed to provide GatorDuct with a digital communications platform that illustrates the features and benefits of the product quickly and efficiently, whilst supporting GatorDuct's position as an exciting, innovative and revolutionary new product in the industry.

Mike Sullivan, Managing Partner at GatorDuct International, said:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with The Digital Collaborative. The DC team initially invested time to really grasp our industry and the concept of our project. Their diligent work, understanding of the concept and interpretation of this innovative product can be clearly seen in the brand, video and website for GatorDuct. We look forward to our continued working relationship with The DC Team and the GatorDuct journey as we develop the brand globally.”

The website reinforces The Digital Collaborative's expertise in brand and website design & development, and underlines the importance of effective positioning when it comes to representing an organisation online.

Following initial launch of the website The Digital Collaborative look forward to supporting the product with a cross media advertising strategy.

Services provided to GatorDuct include:

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